L’editions presents “8” – a coalescence of work from eight female artists, distinctive in nature yet bound by a singular, elemental spirit. 

Representing a convergence of energies, the show is an opportunity to celebrate the artists and our burgeoning art community. Whether examining the quality of light across lips, articulating contours through the conduit of clay, or using color as a vehicle for emotion, the body of work as a whole speaks to the diverse nature of the L’editions roster. 

“8” is both a symbol and a metaphor. It of course represents the artists themselves, but also their womanhood in its curved lines. Turned on its side, it denotes the limitlessness of eternity and the mystery beyond what we can see with our eyes alone. Through the mediums of painting, original prints, photography and sculpture, the exhibition is an invitation to experience the spiritual essence of these artists.

Invitation designed by Arms Studio.