Press Release

Alice Quaresma’s work was recently featured in Le Monde d’Hermes, the seasonal magazine from Hermes. The series draws on Quaresma’s South American upbringing as a major source of inspiration.

Influenced by the diversity of scenery, overflowing with color, light and natural beauty, the artist uses a variety of materials to create translucent and unexpected compositions.

I used images of the South America landscape, bringing together the soft light from the Pacific Coast with the tropical waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

This series is an extension of Quaresma’s exploration of materials, allowing her to push the boundaries of traditional photography. Using paint, paper, tape, and pencil over her own photography prints, her works achieve a dimensional quality through layering and contrasting texture and color.

“The end result is a subtle color palette where you can find femininity and delicacy. The ocean is a symbol for the journey that the continent and its inhabitants continue to go through. A continent that continues to change, recycle its culture and beliefs,” said the artist of the works. 

This article was also published here. Images by Alice Sung.