Tappan co-founder, Chelsea Neman Nassib, launched her business in 2012 with a unique vision; to connect leading emerging artists to new and seasoned collectors internationally. In essence, to bring art back into the common conversation, not only by selling art in a new way but by creating a new paradigm for art patronage in the modern world.

After completing her BFA at the University of Michigan, Neman quickly realized there was a gaping hole in the traditional art world for emerging artists. Frustrated by the lack of support post-graduation, her peers were thrust into the world with no infrastructure to assist them to build networks and develop their work outside of their immediate personal circles. It was at this time she realized that an online space didn’t exist and could revolutionize the industry.

Neman combined her passion for supporting the arts with the foresight that collectors would purchase art online. She used her authentic relationships built through her BFA program and artist friends to create a strong roster of artists and pioneer the act of collecting art through a digital platform.

Tappan’s primary goal is to change the relationship between collectors, artists and their work.

The initial curated online platform quickly expanded to incorporate e-commerce, unique editorial content, physical exhibitions, brand partnerships and ongoing artist residencies across the globe. This approach allowed artists to tell their stories in a three-dimensional way, encouraging more exploration by the collector than a traditional gallery model.

Her attention to detail has helped support several Tappan artists from the initial roster graduate to large galleries like Marianne Boesky Gallery, Kohn Gallery, and The Hole in New York. The business itself has also achieved great success, consistently doubling year over year since 2012. Moreover, the platform has attracted the attention of major media outlets and brands alike, including the LA Times, Vogue and Interview Magazine, as well as collaborations with Soho House, Intermix, Longchamp, and Free People.

The curated aesthetic of Tappan has drawn a legion of devoted fans who value a concise edit of emerging art. In a world oversaturated by choice, an ever-growing niche of collectors seeks out help through Chelsea’s vision via Tappan’s dedicated curation advisory services, both in-person and online.

Neman continues to be intrinsically invested in discovering and developing emerging artists to grow their careers.