Aiming to blend the parallel worlds of art and wine, Winc and Tappan have partnered together for Selected Works. A limited edition release of seasonal wines, featuring unique screen printed bottles, the collaboration hopes to make wine and art readily accessible to a broad audience. The artwork for each bottle is created by an emerging artist, with their own distinct vision and inspiration. The first release was a Chardonnay from the cool-climate region of Carneros, created by Daniel Fletcher.



Daniel’s work is rooted in a desire to create an emotion or feeling through the personification of marks and form.

I wanted to encapsulate an overall tone of high spirits that would reflect the optimism of the summer months.

Of the design, which incorporates sunny oranges and blues in gestative swathes of color, Fletcher says, “It was important to maintain a level of reserve in the composition to highlight the wine’s elegant palate.”

The second release of Selected Works features the artwork of Luke Chiswell on a premium Pinot Noir from Kick-On Ranch Vineyard in Santa Barbara, perfect for the cooler months ahead.

Article first published here. Images by Alice Sung.